Managed Cloud Services

We offer a modern approach to managed cloud services to suit a range of technologies and business objectives for corporate to tech startups.

Why Linview Managed Cloud Services?

Linview Managed cloud services enables each customer to choose which cloud functions it wishes to manage in-house, while leaving all the rest to your extended team at Linview. Managed cloud services can include infrastructure to application modernisation support.

Linview offers its customers big economies of expertise. We provide engineers that can manage not only your computing, storage, networks, and cloud native technologies, but also the complex tools and application stacks that run on top of that infrastructure.

We Support Any Environment

Whether your team needs to deploy on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or support your¬†Kubernetes applications in the cloud, we’ve got your back.


Enable Your Team, Accelerate Your Business

Linview offers next generation managed cloud services that provide flexible and highly customizable turn-key solutions for your team.

Kubernetes Expertise

Our team of cloud native experts is available to advise and support on your Kubernetes journey

Cloud and on-prem

Whether you are focused on deploying to AWS EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, or on-premise with LINSTOR, our team can help

Team Collaboration

Linview offers a team collaboration approach leveraging Slack together with our range of professional services

24/7 Cloud Support

We have an expert cloud team standing by to support the cloud infrastructure that powers your business

Enable Max Agility

At Linview we are committed to enabling your team to accelerate your DevSecOps adoption and workflow

Security and Scalability

Our team will empower you to secure and scale your business and cloud applications to meet rapidly changing needs

Bolt-on Cloud Services

Are you tired of managing cumbersome proofs-of-concept? We can help you get new technologies up and going faster in the comfort of your environment

Reduce CapEx & OpEx/span>

Our team can help you better optimize your architecture for cost and resources in your cloud infrastructure