With native integration to Kubernetes, Linview makes building, running, and controlling block storage simple. Linview® is software defined storage built to run Kubernetes in production. We offer the worlds fastest platform for persistent storage, backup, DR, data security.

How does it work?

Controller, Satellite, and User Interface

The Linview system consists of multiple server and client components.

A LINSTOR controller manages the configuration of the LINSTOR cluster and all of its managed storage resources.

The LINSTOR satellite component manages creation, modification and deletion of storage resources on each node that provides or uses storage resources managed by Linview.

All communication between Linview components uses LINSTOR’s  network protocol.

We Support The Leading Kubernetes Distributions

Benefits for Kubernetes

simplified storage

Linview brings simplicity to persistent storage for Kubernetes.

protect your data

Add additional security measures to your applications data storage, no matter what.

added resiliency

Combining on-premise with cloud infrastructure makes your organization more efficient and agile.

Edge Locations

Increased application speed running at edge networks that have high data demands like AR and VR applications.


IoT and Edge Computing: Extracting Insights in Real-Time.

Distributed Computing

Allowing the overall system to continue operating despite failures in individual nodes .