DevOps Services and Solutions

Accelerate cloud adoption with a minimum viable platform-led approach which decreases time to value by introducing repeatability

What can ACS do for your DevOps team?

We can help you realize the benefits of DevOps the can span the whole delivery pipeline. Our team can advise, implement and support your team to improve deployment frequency, driving to faster time to market, a lower failure rate of new releases, the compressed lead time between fixes, and quicker time to recovery.

By adopting a DevOps strategy, your business can make simple processes automated and powerful, serving to maximize operational predictability, performance, security, and maintainability. As a cloud-first organization, Linview offers individual differentiators to bolster you and your team as you start on your DevOps journey.

DevOps Solutions

Your software infrastructure, either in the cloud or on-prem, needs constant monitoring, maintenance, support, and development with time. The ACS DevOps engineers help in resolving the issues on the optimization of your resources, balancing the load, and modifying the scale and support of safe environments, remote configuration, and security advice.

Configuration and Automation

Our DevOps team supports and implements different software build automation systems for various cloud technological platforms as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Our DevOps team has vital expertise in architecting and implementing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for software development, employing the most modern CI

Release Management

Our DevOps developers support you in the development of release management methods establishing contacts with all the teams involved providing highly efficient cooperation

Monitoring & Back-up

Our DevOps team will serve to implement a proactive strategy to strengthen management. This reduces downtime and improves the quality of customer service