Application Modernization

Digital Transformation by modernizing your applications.

Discover what Linview’s application modernization service can do for you and the common benefits, and how to get started. Our team helps you navigate the broad portfolio of technologies that can facilitate the modernization processes that most organizations are going through.

What is application modernization?

Application modernization takes existing legacy applications and modernizing monolithic, on-premises applications, and how these applications can be transported into cloud architecture and agile microservices.

Why modernize legacy applications?

Monolithic apps are complex to modernize for architectural reasons. Because all of an application’s elements ship together, it is challenging and costly to add features given the overhead of complexity and integration hurdles.

Cloud and Kubernetes

Cloud and Kubernetes have risen not only as a competitor to VMs as a type of all-purpose compute in the cloud, but a key enabler of hybrid cloud and application modernization strategies.

Ready to get started?

Making the jump to application modernization and the latest cloud native technology can be a massive undertaking task for your team. ACS will work with you to assess the proper course of action for your enterprise to help manage technology adoption with your business needs and develop together a strategy to help your team realize its goals.