Seamless Kubernetes Storage Management for Multiple Clusters

Linview Kubernetes storage platform simplifies multi-cluster management and complex monitoring so your team can just go back to enjoying the power of Kubernetes persistent storage.

Benefits of Linview Kubernetes Storage Platform

The benefits of using Linview for Kubernetes storage management is the improved visibility and more streamlined workflow and experience. 

Turnkey Solution

Linview is a turnkey Kubernetes storage solution, ready to deploy! Linview is fully integrated with Kubernetes, Piraeus, LINSTOR, Redis and more. 

Enterprise Support

Linview comes with enterprise-level support and we also offer options for customization coupled with the support for new features to align with your business needs.

Easy To Use

Linview is a very valuable tool when you want to easily and quickly manage and monitor your Kubernetes storage clusters.

Manage Multiple Clusters

Linview allows you to manage and run multiple Kubernetes storage clusters across different private cloud environments.

Linview Features

Simple GUI and navigation system to manage Kubernetes storage

We know the interface design of the tools you use plays a vital role, that’s why we took the time to build an easy to use platform to help in increasing efficiency and saving time in managing multiple Kubernetes storage clusters.

Storage pool dashboard with per node usage

Linview offers a strait forward look into your Kubernetes storage pools even down to the per-node usage, giving you a single pane of glass to monitor and manage your valuable storage resources across multiple environments.

Easily monitor and manage your storage nodes

Linview enables you to reduce downtime and move from reactive to proactive monitoring of your Kubernetes storage nodes across multiple private cloud enviroments.

Built-in alerts and monitoring

Linview provides users with activity monitoring notifications and allows your incident response team to quickly detect and analyze an issue with your Kubernetes storage resources in order to respond promptly.

Enterprise Support Services

Get expert advice and enterprise-grade Kubernetes support for your multi-cluster storage environments from our highly-skilled team of Kubernetes engineers! We also offer managed services for Kubernetes deployments, migration and ongoing maintenance support.

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